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Daughter of Robin Williams Opens Up in Emotional Instagram Video

Zelda Williams

29-year-old Zelda Williams broke down in a emotional video that she posted on Instagram on Thursday.

It has been four years since the death of her father Robin Williams. Williams posted her video to show people the real side of what coping looks like and not the best version that people see on social media.

“So because most of what winds up on this site tends to be the best version, I guess, of what everyone wants to see,” she began, “hi — welcome to the other side of it.”

“Today really sucked, and it’s funny because I get asked about how I cope a lot and I don’t know if it sinks into people when I say, ‘I take it day by day, because you have to.’

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“You really do; there is that genuine thing of there’s tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll be better then, and you just keep working at it,” she continued.

“Most of the time it’s not the thing that you think it is … [when] people have a bad day,” she said. “It’s little things; it’s other things.

“It’s something else that makes them feel hopeless, and I hope that you guys — whatever version of this app that you see — [it] doesn’t make you feel worse about yourselves because what you’re seeing is a really tiny facet of anyone that you see, whether that’s an actor or your friends.

“You’re seeing a little tiny piece, and it might make it seem like they are all doing better than you, but that’s not the case. No one person is what they present in this kind of a world. It’s not how it works.”

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Had a Sod’s Law kinda day where everything that could go wrong did, and truly, it broke me a little. Days like today break everyone, but since I’m asked almost every day, in every interview and on every app, how I cope, here you go. Interviews get warped, written word can only express so much, and truthfully questions I get are so often made about my dad when that’s just one facet of a much larger life. No human is any one triumph or tragedy, just as we’re not any one bad day. But since this app tends to just show the world thru rose-colored glasses, figured I’d at least, for once, show a peek thru ones that got a little squashed today in the universe’s back pocket. And that second video gets cut off a few words short, but guessing most of you could figure out I was saying that ‘I’m not the only one’ Spoiler alert: sad noses run

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