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Worth Signing Up? MoviePass $9 Unlimited Movies

Movie theaters are losing millions of customers to Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services.

So they’re fighting back with monthly subscription plans like MoviePass, a sort of Netflix in the theater. But is MoviePass worth considering?

For just $9 a month, you can see a first run movie every day, even movies like “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” as soon as they are released.

Pros of MoviePass:

  • Cheap movies. If you see one movie a week, that’s just over $2 per movie, a big savings. If you are a real movie lover who goes several times a week, you can see first run movies for just pennies.
  • Easy to break even. Go to just one movie per month, and you still break even.
  • Wide acceptance: MoviePass is now accepted at 90 percent of theater chains, including AMC, Regal, and Cinemark (though Cinemark has its own similar version, called Movie Club).
  • No blackout dates.

Cons of Moviepass:

The pass does have some downsides, especially if you like to reserve your seats ahead of time, or buy three or four seats at once to a showing. Downsides include:

  • No advance purchase: This is the biggest downside. You can’t use the app and buy your ticket until you are at your local theater, which means you can’t buy advance seats to a sold out movie.
  • Risk of sold out movies: If you get to the theater and “The Last Jedi” is sold out, you are out of luck.
  • No 3D or IMAX movies: If you like 3D, you’re out of luck: MoviePass is for only 2D movies right now.
  • Better for singles than couples: MoviePass is designed for one person to buy one ticket. Couples will want the pass on both phones. And forget about trying to buy a group of tickets for a birthday party.

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