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Will a Small Town Near You Win the Makeover of a Lifetime?

Ty Pennington

Deluxe Corporation’s Amanda Brinkman & Trading Spaces star Ty Pennington announce the finalists for “Small Business Revolution – Main Street” season 4, and shares advice on entrepreneurship and successful small business strategies.

Small businesses are the foundation of our country, employing half of our workforce, and they’re especially critical to the more than 60 million Americans living in outside of major metropolitan areas. That’s why the Small Business Revolution team is continuing their mission to put Main Street back on the map – naming five small towns in the running for a half-million-dollar makeover and a starring role in the fourth season of their hit series.

Does Your Small Town Need a Makeover?

After a successful third season in Alton, Illinois, Deluxe Corporation has joined forces once more with makeover master Ty Pennington for season four of “Small Business Revolution – Main Street.”  The series showcases the importance of small businesses and chronicles the journey of awarding one lucky small town a $500,000 makeover. After receiving nearly 12,000 nominations, Ty and Deluxe chief brand and communications officer Amanda Brinkman will unveil the top five final towns in the running for the nationwide search. These five towns will be put up to a weeklong public vote, and the winning town will not only receive a main street makeover but will also earn a starring role in season four of “Small Business Revolution – Main Street,” streaming on Hulu and at