Wendy Williams Scolds Audience Member During Taping

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams did not take too kindly to an audience member at The Wendy Williams Show, when they failed to silence their phone during Tuesday’s show.

While breaking down some of her hot topics of the day, Wlliams shocked the crowd when she paused upon hearing someone’s phone go off.

“Is somebody’s phone on?” Williams asked, to which a man from the audience responded, “Yes.”

“Get out! Get out! Turn that phone off now, sir. Ma’am. Whoever you are. Just please. Kindly,” she said.

“The tickets are free, but when you come here you must turn your phones off,” she said, taking in the silence of the crowd for a second before dialing it back. “I was being over dramatic but kindly please turn your phone off. Thank you.”

Williams tried to turn her anger around to a joking tone, admitting that she may have been overdramatic in her reaction, but just wanted to make sure that this sort of situation never happened again. Check out the video below.

The fan was allowed to stay for the second half of the show.