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Wendy Williams Under Fire Over Tasteless Joke About Drew Carey’s Ex

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is facing criticism by making a joke after Drew Carey’s ex was murdered. William used Carey’s catchphrase “Come on down,” speaking of Dr. Amie Harwick.

Williams said, “Drew Carey’s ex-fiance was tragically murdered over the weekend. She was killed. Not by Drew.” She then went on to say, “come on down!” and mimicked the fall that led to Harwick’s death.

After the airing of the episode, Williams revived backlash from social media users. One user tweeted, “For real, Wendy Williams is a sicko. If anyone didn’t know, Amie Harwick, a celebrity therapist was pushed off a balcony by a stalker ex she had a restraining order against and she died. Wendy Williams really made fun of that.”

Another user wrote, “Ya’ll know I HATE “cancel culture” but can someone please cancel @WendyWilliams she is truly problematic. #WendyWilliams.”

Sources say that the cops were called early Saturday morning after a woman was heard screaming in Hollywood Hill. Evidence shows that there was force entry in Harwick’s home and there seemed to be a struggle. Her ex-boyfriend allegedly attacked her and caused her to fall from a third-story balcony, law enforcement states.  Dr. Amie raised flags about her ex-boyfriend and got a restraining order against her him, Gareth Pursehouse. Cops arrested Pursehouse for murder Saturday afternoon.

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