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Create the Ultimate Sensorial Experience with Music and Flavor

Bebe Rexha

Like flavor, music has the power to elicit emotions such as joy, nostalgia or passion.

Your favorite potato chip brand, Lay’s, believes that when you pair the right flavors and music together, the emotions that music alone typically triggers are taken to a whole new level.

That’s why Lay’s has partnered with GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter to release three delicious limited-time flavors inspired by three beloved music genres – Pop, Hip Hop and Rock. The sensorial experience of each chip aims to give fans the same sensorial experience of listening to each genre of music. The pairings include: Lay’s Wavy Electric Lime and Sea Salt with Pop Music, Lay’s Flamin’ Hot and Dill Pickle with Hip-Hop Music and Lay’s Kettle Cooked Classic Beer Cheese with Rock Music.

Each of the flavors unlock new custom songs from one of the most musically-diverse artists in the music industry, Bebe Rexha. By partnering with Lay’s, Bebe created a new, original song “Right Here, Right Now” re-mixed across three different music genres.

Now, fans have the opportunity to enjoy the sensorial experience firsthand by purchasing the limited-edition flavors to stream the exclusive custom music from Bebe. So, taste, listen and enjoy! Fans can also win music inspired prizes!