UCLA Basketball Star Billy Knight Dead by Apparent Suicide

UCLA Billy Knight

On Sunday, former UCLA star Billy Knight was found dead of apparent suicide, after posting his “last message on Earth” in a video on YouTube.

“Sad. Sad. Sad. Rest Easy Billy Knight. Another bruin gone. Another athlete gone. Mental illness IS NOT A JOKE! I’m here for EVERYONE who needs to talk. We ALL go through problems don’t be AFRAID TO GET HELP,” Former Bruins Teammate Lorenzo Meta-Real tweeted.

The news of Knight’s death comes just days after another former UCLA player, Tyler Honeycutt, apparently fatally shot himself during a standoff with police in Los Angeles on Friday. Honeycutt played for UCLA from 2009-11.

The 39-year-old published the video to YouTube early Sunday morning, claiming his “time is up,” as he discussed depression. Throughout the video, Knight was apologetic to his family and friends, but also used the opportunity to advise those suffering from mental instability to seek help.

As reported by TMZ, Knight was found shortly after the video went live, in a roadway in downtown Phoenix.

“No evidence of foul play was detected,” officials told, but officials were still looking to determine the cause of death.

Our deepest prayers and condolences are with the Knight family.