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U.S. Marine Learns Gender of Baby in a Special Way

“Gender reveal” parties are some ways that expectant parents find out what sex their newborn will be.

For Captain Gregory Veteto, a U.S. Marine commander from Camp Pendleton in Southern California, he was stationed overseas when his wife Shanelle and 16-month old son, Samuel back home on Camp Pendleton, found out they would be getting a new addition to the family.

His wife wanted to surprise him with the announcement of the baby’s gender by revealing it in a unique way. After brainstorming with a friend, her husband’s career as a punter in college sparked inspiration.

“The pregnancy, in general, was a surprise. About three weeks into the deployment, my wife emailed me when we were on ship to let me know she was pregnant.That itself was a surprise and we were not expecting this but very thankful. I actually found out it was a girl about a month before kicking the football – that was exciting,” Captain Veteto posted on the U.S. Marine Corps Facebook page.

“She (my wife) decided to fill a football with colored powder, and when her husband punted it, the football would explode with either pink or blue powder. It just really warmed my heart to see a lot of smiles on the Marines’ faces. A lot of the Marines didn’t know I was having a girl, so it was a big surprise for them and to hear them get excited about it was really cool. I am glad I made the decision to do it at the company formation.”

Kicking the ball right on target, the pink powder exploded, letting the commander know he’d be a dad to a baby girl.

It’s a Girl!

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