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Top Jobs in 2030: What Skills Will Your Kids Need?

New Research Makes it Easier for Parents to Prepare Their Children for the in Demand Jobs of 2030

When you think about the world of work in 2030, it is almost impossible to imagine that today’s elementary school students will be entering the job market. Today’s children will be the power behind our economy. What will be the top jobs when today’s children are the power behind our economy?

Children are often asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Parents can influence and guide students to explore their career interests. Pearson along with Oxford University and Nesta, just made it easier for moms and dads to set-up their children for future success.

Oxford and Pearson conducted an extensive study looking at the nation’s top jobs in 2030. The results are surprising.  In contrast to the man versus machines model, results show it will be man AND machines that will impact jobs and the economy.

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