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Tom Brady Kisses Robert Kraft on the Lips After Winning 2019 Super Bowl

Tom Brady

New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, was seen kissing owner Robert Kraft on the lips after winning Super Bowl LIII against the Los Angeles Rams.

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The video of Brady kissing Kraft on the lips went viral, and countless Twitter users feel pretty weird about it. This is not the first time Brady has kissed someone close to him on the mouth.

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In 2017,  Brady also kissed his father on the lips after winning Super Bowl LI.

Tom Brady kissing his father

Another video went viral in February of 2018 when Brady asked his son, Jack, for a kiss on the lips during his Facebook documentary Tom vs. Time.

Brady was getting a massage, when Jack asked if he could check his fantasy football teams. Brady responded, “What do I get?”

Jack gave Brady a kiss, but then was asked for a second one. This kiss on the lips seemed to be a bit longer and was a major topic of discussion last year.

Sunday’s game was Brady’s sixth Super Bowl win. The final scores were extremely low- the Patriots winning 13-3.

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