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‘Today’ Host Catches Heat After Apology for Swearing

Savannah Guthrie

The TODAY Show team had an embarrassing slip-up Wednesday when host Savannah Guthrie let out a swear word on air, and Twitter had mixed emotions about the mishap.

“Oh, s—,” Guthrie was heard saying. “Sorry, guys.”

The audio was then cut from the scene, but Guthrie remained on camera for about 30 seconds before NBC cut to another commercial. She was looking down and reading from her notes for the duration of the awkward moment.

The 46-year-old took to Twitter to apologize.

“Check, check — is this thing on? Yeah I guess it is. So sorry guys,” she wrote. “Thanks for being kind and understanding. And guess it’s [a] good thing I don’t wear a mic all day.”

Fans on twitter slammed Guthrie for the incident by connecting her actions to those of Matt Lauer, who was famously fired last year for “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.”

“I’m sure this is what always goes on. You are one way on mic and another off mic. You know the same way you were about Matt your buddy,” a follower wrote. “And [NBC] has you remain as anchor?? This is why I do not watch the morning show anymore.”