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The Stress of Being Sick and How You Can Help Yourself

Flu Season

Feeling under the weather can be stressful, from missing out on personal obligations and workdays to the cough that makes us fear contaminating others.

Balancing family, friends and work on top of a cold can bring a lot more than just physical symptoms. Sickness triggers stress, which can impact sickness, making it feel like a long, viscous cycle.

So what is the key to getting OFF the cycle? As we head into the busy holiday season, Dr. Susan Bartell – award winning author and nationally recognized psychologist – has some advice for easing stress and finding relief!

“When we are physically sick, what we don’t realize, it takes an emotional toll on us and that makes us stressed,” said Dr. Bartell. “Your body needs to rest in order to heal and the stress doesn’t allow for the healing that needs to take place.”

“We need to try our best to take a rest and to go to sleep maybe a 1/2 hour earlier.  Also, have Robitussin on hand, something that will help you take care of yourself.  It makes a difference the type of medicine you take.”