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The Latest Safety Technology to Get You In The Game

Ticketmaster SafeTix

The holiday season is kicking into high gear and the NFL Playoffs aren’t far behind. Gifting a loved one game day tickets is a great idea but, you want to make sure those tickets are valid and avoid arriving at an event only to be denied entry and find out that you’ve purchased fraudulent tickets.

How do you know you’re getting the best price? How can you be sure the tickets you’re buying are for the exact seats you purchased? What if you’re buying tickets from someone standing outside the event?

Clay Luter, Co-Head of Sports for Ticketmaster North America, has the answers to get you in the game! “First and foremost, you want to buy from the official site . . .either the website or the app,” said Luter, “That’s the only way you will be able to verify you get 100% legit tickets.”

SafeTix are powered by a new and unique barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds so it cannot be stolen or copied, keeping your tickets safe and secure.

“Part of SafeTix, we went to a rotating bar code this year and refreshes every 15 seconds,” said Luter.  “We work closely with all the NFL teams and buying from the official site.”

Ticketmaster SafeTix are encrypted mobile tickets built with leading-edge technology, developed with you in mind, and come standard with powerful fraud and counterfeit protection.

And if you can’t make it to the show or the game, SafeTix gives you the ability to seamlessly sell or transfer tickets to a friend’s mobile phone number or email address. When you complete the transfer, a new digital ticket created just for them will be tied to your friend’s account and phone.

“The best way to resell your tickets, you can transfer your tickets to friends and family or resell your tickets through Ticketmaster and the official resell site through the NFL.”

To learn even more about Ticketmaster’s SafeTix technology, click here.