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The Facts About GMOs

Exploring GMOs

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) help us address some of today’s most pressing environmental challenges. Modern agricultural technology, made possible by GMOs, helps farmers grow more crops while using fewer natural resources. GMOs also help to improve soil health and air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and food waste and conserve water.

GMOs have existed for the past 20 years, but many questions about their safety and their impact on the environment remain. The overwhelming consensus among scientific experts and authorities around the world is that GMOs pose no health risks. In fact, a National Academies of Sciences study released last spring concluded GMO crops are safe for both humans and animals to eat.

Not only are GMOs safe to eat and beneficial for the environment, but allow us to develop new technologies to combat some of today’s biggest threats to our food system and make agriculture more sustainable. Recent studies show that not using GMO technology agriculture may have wide-ranging environmental and global economic impacts.

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