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Teen Duet from “A Star Is Born” Goes Viral

A Star Is Born

I recently came across a moving rendition of one of my favorite songs from the movie, “A Star Is Born.”

Christopher Halligan and Jessica Reinl belted out an amazing rendition of “Shallow” alongside the Mount Sion Choir in Waterford, Ireland on Christmas Eve.

Choir director Colette Kearney told “Good Morning America” that Halligan and Reinl only rehearsed the song one time and that they are “astounded by the response” they’ve received from around the world.

I reached out to Christopher and he told The Daily Buzz that he has been singing from the age of three or four years old.  He is also starting college in January.  “The movie is a great film and very heartbreaking. The movie is probably one of Bradley Coopers best performances.  But, it does not beat his performance in Guardians of The Galaxy as ‘Rocket Raccoon’.”

Mount Sion Choir is based in an all boys secondary school in the heart of Waterford City, Ireland. They celebrate diversity and inclusion through music. “Jessica and Chris sing it with such emotion. It makes all the difference in a song like that,” the Choir wrote on Facebook. “What I love the most is the respect Chris shows Jessica in all the videos. There are so many videos out there these days that portray young people in a bad light. To me, this is how I would like to think of young people, supporting and building each other up.”

Credit: Mount Sion Choir