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Team Rubicon Preparing For Hurricane Dorian Disaster Response

Team Rubicon

In anticipation of Hurricane Dorian, Team Rubicon, the nonprofit organization that uses disaster response to help reintegrate veterans back into civilian life, is staging route clearance teams along with disaster response resources in the southeast.

As Hurricane Dorian hurtles towards the coast, response teams are gearing up to help those who need it most.

Veteran-led Team Rubicon is focused on helping those impacted by the storm by providing relief to the communities hit the hardest. The team is no stranger to stepping in and helping anyone in an emergency.

CEO Jake Wood says his organization takes veterans’ military training and shows them how to continue serving their community during a disaster.

The route clearance teams are equipped to move quickly into the disaster zone to clear roads for first responders, other agencies on the ground, and citizens that live in the area.

“We’ve been training for this moment and we have teams spread out all over multiple states,” said Art delaCruz, President and COO at Team Rubicon.

Team Rubicon’s route clearance capability is designed to decrease isolation from food and water, increase accessibility for those providing relief to impacted communities, and to keep access open to public evacuation centers and disaster shelters.

“There will be a lot of homes flooded, so we have a process to provide stability for those people to live in their homes safely.  We also help people rebuild their homes,” delaCruz told The Daily Buzz.

As Tropical Storm Dorian passed Puerto Rico, more than 500 families on the island took shelter under hurricane-resilient roofs, thanks to Team Rubicon. Now, with the threat of major destruction along the Atlantic Coast, the organization built to serve and founded by two U.S. Marines, is preparing to assist people impacted by Hurricane Dorian.

delaCruz also told The Daily Buzz, “Our website has different ways to help or you and your audience can visit any of our social channels across all platforms.”





In addition to pre-staging route clearance teams, Team Rubicon is pre-staging reconnaissance teams and equipment in the southeast to quickly move in after the storm makes landfall. These teams will start identifying which communities were hardest hit by the storm and may need Team Rubicon’s support through their core capabilities: chainsaw operations, home muck-outs, home demos, heavy equipment operations and debris removal.

There are currently more than 100,000 veteran volunteers at the ready to assist during a disaster. Since their founding in 2010, they have deployed to more than 390 disasters around the world with 76 in 2019.

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