Shawn Johnson’s Husband Rushed to Hospital After Medical Emergency

Shawn Johnson

New parents Shawn Johnson and Andrew East had a scare only three weeks after they brought home new daughter Drew.

The couple, who have shared the highs and lows of their pregnancy and now family life on their video blog, “The East Fam,” said Sunday that East was in his Nashville, Tennessee, home gym when he collapsed.

Mixed with video of Johnson holding the baby and East explaining he was tidying the gym in anticipation of his friends’ arrival, is dramatic footage of East lifting a 185-pound weight and falling backwards.

“As soon as I put the bar on the rack I went from being fully conscious to…nothing,” East said on a video Sunday (Nov. 24) showing him on the floor in their home gym after lifting weights and almost immediately passing out. “And that began this one-hour period where I literally … I don’t remember anything.”

Eventually, some of East’s friends found him and immediately took the former Washington Redskins player to the emergency room, while Johnson slept upstairs.

Once she woke up, Johnson had her parents watch Drew and she rushed to the hospital to be with her husband. And for a brief moment, the situation looked dire.

“I didn’t like how she said it,” Johnson said of the doctor’s initial comments about East’s overall heart health. “She told us it had something to do with the EKG. So, his heart, how his EKGs look irregular. They think it’s his heart that caused him to pass out.”

The doctors would soon determine that everything looked better than initially thought, and after a number of staples in his head, East went home to recover.

“I called Shawn and let her know I would be coming home,” East recalled, saying he heard his wife “cry and really sob like I hadn’t heard you sob before.”

“I was terrified,” said the 27-year-old former Olympic gymnast.

The whole experience was a humbling experience for the new father.

“It was the first time I had to realize that my life is not just my own now,” he said. “I got little Drew I need to be selfless for. I realize that we have a daughter now who we are fully responsible for, who depends on us literally for her life. I think it has given me this perspective of gratitude and submission and what are my priorities and how can I honor those priorities?”

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