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Sharon Osbourne Emotionally Says Goodbye to Sara Gilbert on ‘The Talk’

Sara Gilbert

Sharon Osbourne was overcome with emotion while saying goodbye to her longtime co-host Sara Gilbert.

Gilbert’s final pre-taped episode of The Talk is set to air Friday on CBS. The 44-year-old created, co-executive produced, and hosted the popular daytime talk show since 2010.

Osbourne tearfully reflected on the friendship the two have built over the last nine years of co-hosting together.

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“Coming every day, seeing Sara — she can read me, I can read her,” Osbourne said. “If there’s anything on my mind, I tell Sara. Now, it’s like, I won’t have Sara here. While my husband [Ozzy Osbourne] has been sick, Sara’s just gone out of her way to find little things that she knows he’ll like and buy for him and he considers her a friend too.”

Osbourne continued, “She’s like a sister that I never had. I can tell her things and she gives me good advice… It is like not having a sister with you anymore and it’s going to be hard, but she only lives down the road. Just literally across the street. I will be paying her many visits. She’s not going out from any of our lives.”

Gilbert shared a heartfelt message to her co-host. “I really wanted Sharon to be on this panel and I fought for her to be here, and she wanted to do it and I was so grateful,” she noted, referencing the early days of The Talk. “And, I know this is, like, completely unprofessional, but right after she got the job, I called her and I was like, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing. How do I do this?'”

“And she said, ‘Just be yourself.’ And you gave me permission to do that over these years. And, we’ve shared so much together, so much joy and pain. We’ve been there with each other and for each other through so many moments… I love you and I know this is not a goodbye and that we’re going to be in each other’s lives. I’ll make sure of that.”

In May, the network announced that 59-year-old Marie Osmond will be replacing Gilbert starting in September.

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We will miss you, Sara Gilbert.