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Sex and the City Cast Wants to ‘Finish What We Started’

Sex and The City

Gilles Marini wants to text Kim Cattrall about finishing Sex and the City 3, but he knows Cattrall is not having it. Marini enjoyed working with both Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall on the set of film.

However, Parker and Cattrall have been feuding for quite some time which means the third sequel has been canned by the film studios.

Marini dished to Us Weekly, “I did not feel any tension, even [on the red] carpet and everything else.” He played Dante in the 2008 film.

Both Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw play vital roles in the success of  Sex and the City. “People have the right to say, ‘No, I don’t want to do this.’ If it’s not important or meaningful for a person to do a film, then to each his own. If it wouldn’t be the same, I understand why the studio would pull the movie,” Marini added.

Parker revealed back in September that the film was dropped due to Cattrall’s crazy demands. Willie Garson, who portrayed Stanford Blatch, also cosigned that the film was dropped due to Cattrall’s demnads.

If there’s no Samantha Jones there’s no Sex and the City 3.  Marini doesn’t blame Parker or Cattrall for the film’s cancellation.