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EXCLUSIVE: You Have to See This Father’s Reaction When His Family Surprises Him With a New Puppy

In an exclusive obtained by The Daily Buzz, a video is quickly going viral after being posted on social media of a father who was overwhelming shocked by his family’s early birthday gift.

The video posted and captioned by Jaleen Xuereb, “Bringing happiness back into my father’s life after the loss of our two beloved dogs Nemo & Lucy! Welcome to the family Lumo!” had only  112,000 views on Facebook on Tuesday and by Friday, November 10, has over 8.5 million views.

Jaleen spoke exclusively with The Daily Buzz about her video that is going viral. “We had three dogs and two of the older dogs, who were Bichons, passed away from congestive heart failure within two weeks of each other,” said Jaleen. “We wanted to surprise my dad with an early birthday present, because we could tell that he was ‘ready’ for another dog to come into his life to fill that void of both Nemo and Lucy, who passed away this past year.”

Jaleen, the daughter, and her family from Ontario, Canada decided to surprise their father, James, with a very special early birthday gift. In the video posted on November 5, the family surprised their father with a birthday card with a photo of a tiny Bichon Frise on the cover.  James immediately broke into tears trying to read the card and could barely speak saying “Oh my (deep breath) hi, my name is Lumo…I can’t.”

One of the family members immediately stepped in to help him read the rest of the card.

 “Hi, my name in Lumo and I am a boy Bichon. No, I am not Nemo, nor could I ever be Lucy, but my mommy brought me to bring you some happiness back into your life. So, as we walk in this journey of life together, may we create our own wonderful memories and re-claim the beautiful memories that you had with Nemo and Lucy. Love, Lumo.”

“My mom (Wanda), researched breeders, and found Fern Flett’s Bichon Lovers in Ontario. In October, the family went to the breeder and met a new litter.  Lumo came up to us and kept pulling on my mom’s pants and that’s how we knew that ‘Lumo’ was the one!”

Credit: Jaleen Xuereb

Jaleen said that “my father got a piece of Nemo (his ‘first son’) back, which is why you hear him in the video saying, my baby boy has come back to me.” Jaleen went on to tell The Daily Buzz that a weight had been lifted off her dad’s shoulders and this puppy represents a fresh start, to make new memories and to fill the void left my Nemo and Lucy.

The family named the new puppy “Lumo” – a combination of “Nemo” and “Lucy.” A very touching tribute.

“Lumo” Credit: Jaleen Xuereb

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