EXCLUSIVE: Seattle Nurse Experiences ‘Code Blue’ During “In My Feelings” Challenge

Nurse Blake

A Seattle nurse, known only as “Nurse Blake,” attempted the “In My Feelings” Challenge when a “code blue” was announced.

“Nurse Blake” spoke exclusively with Marnie Williams, senior editor online of The Daily Buzz, about his video that has received over 360,000 views on Facebook and over 1,400 comments from around the country.

“All nurses can relate to be interrupted during their shifts at work.  Whether it be while on your break or just grabbing a quick drink of water, nurses are always called away to help patients.  Something always happens on shift, so the video was so relatable, because it’s so true!” said Nurse Blake. “We are always so busy, so it was nice to be able to do something “fun” after hours.”

Nurse Blake did not, nor would ever, film or video inside his hospital where he works. “The video was done in one shot and yes, it was stagged at my apartment complex.”

“Code blue always comes before Stardom!!!” said Kelly Mason on Facebook.

“Nurses like you make me so excited to be in nursing school. I can’t wait ?” said Jameson Tarrant on Facebook.

“Nurse Blake” was adamant in telling me that “Patients come first!”

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