What To Say to Your Kids When You Forget to Move Your Elf on the Shelf!

We’ve all been there—forgetting to move our elf and in the morning, your child asks why.

You can come up with a witty comment or two, but sooner of later, you’re going to run out of answers!

  1. It looks like his [insert arm/leg/tag] is stuck on [insert object]! Let’s gently help him get free with tongs.
  2. He heard someone coming down the stairs, and didn’t want to get caught, so he stayed put.
  3. I think, yep, he definitely moved a little bit. It’s not much, but he definitely moved.
  4. You weren’t very nice yesterday. Santa told her to not move, and watch you again from the same spot to see if you will be better today.
  5. He said because the curtains were closed he had a hard time seeing last night, so he’s going to sit there again. We need to remember to keep the curtains open so the moonlight can help him see.

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