‘The Sandlot’ Is Coming Back as a TV Series with Original Cast Members

The Sandlot

More than 25 years after The Sandlot hit theaters, the baseball gang is coming back as grown-ups: A Sandlot reboot TV series, which will feature the movie’s original cast, is in the works.

“The Sandlot” director David Mickey Evans — who also directed other popular family comedies like “First Kid,” “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr.”, “Beethoven’s 3rd” and “Beethoven’s 4th” — revealed the news about the reboot on a recent episode of the Rain Delay podcast.

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According to Evans, The Sandlot TV reboot will be set in 1984, where the movie’s original actors are all in their ’30s and have kids of their own. Evans didn’t share which cast members will be coming back, but it’s supposed to be a follow-up to the original Sandlot flick, which was set in California in 1962. The movie follows a young boy who moves into town, joins a group of friends to play baseball, and together, they embark on hilarious adventures in their neighborhood.

The iconic movie recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, which in turn spurred a 25th reunion for the cast members on the “Today” show (as seen below). The film continues to inspire and entertain audiences, with MLB players like Boston Red Sox’s David Ortizeven calling director Evans and several of the cast members his heroes.

For more updates on The Sandlot TV reboot, follow Evans’ Twitter account.