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Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Rock Join Forces In New SAW Reboot: ‘Spiral’

Spiral Chris Rock

Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Rock star in a new thriller dropping this year, Spiral, and it’s looking pretty intense. This movie is a reboot of The Book of Saw series.  

This will be Comedian Chris Rock’s first thriller! It was stated last year that Rock was going to star in the reboot over the movie series. The last movie was released in 2017, Jigsaw, following the seven year gap of the previous movie, Saw VII: The Final Chapter. 

The story starts with Rock’s character, Detective Zeke Banks and his new partner, actor Max Minghella, investigating a murder of a cop mimicking the Jigsaw murders. Many clips suggest that this film is a sequel to the movies dating back to 2004. 

See trailer here: 

The movie is set to release in theaters May 15, 2020.

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