Ryan Reynolds Uploads Video Tribute to John Candy on 25th Anniversary of His Death

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds paid tribute to John Candy with a special video on the 25th anniversary of the comedian’s death.

In honour of the comedian yesterday, many celebrities posted tributes onto their social media accounts. However, it was fellow Canadian Reynolds who created one of the best ways to honor Candy – by making a supercut of some of his best moments on film.

“It’s the 25th anniversary of John Candy’s passing,” Reynolds  tweeted on Sunday, March 3. “We cooked up a small tribute to a comedic genius and Canadian hero. If you haven’t seen much of his work, take a look at his films. He was a treasure.”

The almost two-minute-long clip shows scenes from some of the late actor’s best-loved films including Uncle Buck, Cool Runnings, The Blues Brothers and Home Alone. And the video features the 1985 song “Everytime You Go Away” by Paul Young, which gives the heartstrings an extra tug.

In the post, Reynolds tagged Candy’s surviving children Christopher and Jennifer. Both have tweeted their support and love for the supercut, Christopher saying “this is lovely” while Jennifer tweeted “Wow. He has so many people that absolutely love him , he was one of the best.”

Candy died of a heart attack at the age of 43 on March 4, 1994, in Mexico, where he was shooting the film Wagons East!

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