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Roseanne Barr Slams ABC for Firing Her in Return to Stand-Up

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr returned to the stand-up comedy stage for the first time since being fired by ABC.

The network canceled the reboot of its hit show Roseanne after Barr wrote a racist tweet about former President Barack Obama’s adviser Valerie Jarrett. ABC replaced the show with The Conners.

ABC Cancels ‘Roseanne’ After Racist Tweets

Barr hit the stage on Saturday at the Laugh Factory Las Vegas during a set by comedian Andrew Dice Clay. “I got a little special treat for everybody because a close friend of mine I’d say about 33 years…There haven’t been many as controversial, as outspoken and as f—kin’ funny. Let’s hear it for Roseanne Barr,” he said while introducing Barr.

“When you get fired, you get real suicidal, but I’d never kill myself because that would make too many fu—ing people happy,” Barr quipped. “And I’m not about to make people happy.”

“Dear ABC, when you asked me back to once again bail out your shit, fu—in’, low-rated network, I did so with the same vigor I’ve always rocked, and I delivered you the highest ratings you’ve had in ten fu–ing years,” she said to applause.

“At the first sign of controversy, you killed me off with a drug overdose,” she continued. “But you know what, I ain’t dead b-tches.”

Watch the video here.

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Prior to her appearance on Saturday night, Barr revealed in a YouTube video that she was “really scared” and “very nervous” to get back into stand-up. “I’m gonna talk about gettin’ fired. I’m sure a lot of people relate to that,” she said.