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College Football Anchor Talks About His Recent Health Scare

Rod Gilmore

College football anchor Rod Gilmore knows first-hand what it’s like living with multiple myeloma following his diagnosis in July 2016.

Rod Gilmore is passionate about the importance of working with a team to develop a plan around managing the disease. That’s why he is working to help raise awareness of important resources for multiple myeloma patients.

Multiple myeloma is a rare blood cancer that typically affects people 65+, and is slightly more common in men than women. Approximately 125,000 people in the U.S. are living with the disease, and more than 30,000 people will be diagnosed this year.  A personal plan can make all the difference in helping patients and their families cope.


How has his life changed since his diagnosis and what lessons is he sharing with others?  Lesson #1: managing a cancer diagnosis like multiple myeloma takes a team effort. And just like on the field, it’s important to always have a game plan.

“When I was first diagnosed in 2016 through an annual physical, I knew nothing about multiple myeloma,” said Gilmore. “I was trying to figure out what’s going on with me. I did not know it was a type of blood cancer.  It was shocking for me to hear the word ‘cancer.’ It’s not a one size fits all diagnosis. About 125,000 people are living with this currently. I’m working with Amgen because they have come up with Myeloma Most Valuable Plan, which helps people how to figure out what to do when they are diagnosed and it helps debunk any myths out there.”

That’s why Gilmore spoke with The Daily Buzz about the Myeloma Most Valuable Plan, which helps patients better prepare for conversations with their doctors, and work with their doctor and healthcare team to create a personal strategy for managing their multiple myeloma.

“I want people going through this to having an annual physical is key.  Plus, going to can help better explain the resources you will need to handle this diagnosis,” Gilmore told The Daily Buzz.