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Robin Givens Says Ex Howard Stern Was a “Magnificent Lover”

Robin Givens

Robin Givens opened up about her past relationship with Howard Stern.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Givens was asked about Stern’s infamous comments about his “small penis.”

Cohen asked, “Are his comments about his small penis actually accurate, or are they just jokes? He famously — he talks constantly about that he has a small penis.”

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“Oh my god, this is like a walk down memory lane!” said Givens. “I wish I was getting this much action right now, Andy.”

“Howard Stern was a magnificent lover. Like, unbelievable,” Givens expressed.

Cohen asked how long the two went out for. She responded with a laugh, “I’m not remembering anything right now.”

“We dated for a while,” she said, avoiding the question. “It was all good. It was all really good.”

Stern opened up about his “small penis” to Rolling Stone in 1994. “I think I might as well be upfront about it,” he said when asked about his “penis obsession.”

“No guy will ever admit to having a small penis. I just went on the record,” he continued. “I might be one of the smallest guys in the world … Who the f—’s going to admit to something like that? And that’s great radio. Because it’s someone being honest about their fears and emotions.”

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