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Rob Lowe Bullies Prince William for Traumatic Hair Loss

Rob Lowe

In an interview with the UK’s Telegraph, actor Rob Lowe criticized Prince William’s receding hairline in an apparent attempt to get cheap laughs.

People are not pleased with Lowe’s rude remarks, and they’re taking to social media to let the actor know.

Lowe made his controversial comments when asked by The Telegraph whether he considered himself more or less vain than British men. “Can we talk about William? Prince William?” Lowe scoffed. “I mean the future king of your country let himself lose his own hair! So when I say British men set a very low bar…” While at that point it seemed as though perhaps Lowe could simply have made a bad joke, his following thoughts made it clear he quite literally feels as though Prince William should have done more to maintain his hair.

“Honestly, one of the great traumatic experiences of my life was watching Prince William lose his hair. But he’s going to be the f***ing King of England! And… and there’s a pill! The first glimmer that a single hair of mine was going to fall out, I was having stuff mainlined into my f***ing veins. And that’s what I did for the next thirty years,” Lowe added.