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Beloved TV Host Relies on Faith and Fans to Weather The Storm

Dan Wheeler QVC

As a former host on QVC for almost 30 years, Dan Wheeler has interviewed hundreds of celebrities including athletes, musicians and actors. You would think he had it all, but his faithful fans and followers never knew the private pain that this beloved show host was going through “behind-the-scenes.”

In October 2012, Dan’s world was flipped up-side-down when he learned his wife had Stage IV endometrial cancer. His wife of 31 years, Beth Wheeler, had a sense that something was terribly wrong when she began experiencing severe stomach pain during the summer of 2012. She delayed going to the doctor because she was afraid that something was terribly wrong.  “She had an intuition and when I would beg her to go, she would say they are just going to tell me I have cancer,” Dan told The Daily Buzz.  After a three year battle, she passed away in October of 2015.

Credit: The Wheeler Family

After listening to Dan’s story, I had to ask him, “how did you channel all of the sadness while being in the public eye?” Dan shared how he worked through his grief and turned his pain into his highest calling after Beth’s passing.

“I didn’t get angry with my faith. I figured if Beth could have a positive attitude, then so could I and I believed . . . I really believed right up to her very last breath.”

“I didn’t know I was going to write a book about her, but I had to get my pain out. It was my therapy.” Dan knew he needed a miracle.  Dan knew he needed prayer.  “I started writing a few blog posts on and my writing continued to grow. The blogs on my Facebook page became a gathering spot for millions going through hard times. I knew I was given a platform and I had to use it.”

“Hurricane of Love”

Dan wanted the world to know that his “cakies,” as Beth was affectionately known as, had a gift. “If I can leverage my pain to help just one person, then I am honored to do so.” I could hear the love in his voice as I spoke with him about his adoration for Beth. It was powerful and quite emotional. “I have to use what I have to help others. I am at a stage where I can make a difference.”

Thus, Dan began to write his love letter to his wife in his book called, Hurricane of Love.”  The book reflects on the TV host dealing with grief after his tragic loss. “I learned to live my life in very short increments.  Don’t plan your life too far out because you never know when your road is going to turn.  Life is short.  I got stuck in my grief and depression for several months but then I realized that I still had my life to live.  I want to give hope to those who are stuck in their grief and depression and remind them that their loved one’s race may be over but theirs is not.  I believe that Beth is in heaven cheering me on.”

What’s next for this beloved TV host? “Well, I have some irons in the fire.  I enjoy public speaking and sharing my journey with Beth. I just want to love—I can have my bad days and it hits me like a ton of bricks…but overall, I am a happy person.  “Beth’s love was like a hurricane.  It hit everyone in its path.  I want the world to know how incredibly special she was.”

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