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‘Property Brothers’ Stars Are Renovating ‘The Brady Bunch’ House

Property Brothers

Property Brothers stars Jonathan and Drew Scott are renovating The Brady Bunch house with Maureen McCormick (Marsha Brady) and Chris Knight (Peter Brady).

The twins are tackling renovation on the home that was used for the exterior filming of the popular sitcom. Nothing from the interior of the home was shot, so Johnathan and Drew are remodeling the inside to look just as it did on the show.

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HGTV bought the famous home last year and announced its new digital series, A Very Brady Renovation, so fans could follow along with the transformation. The show is set to premiere in September 2019.

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“The house was just an exterior — nothing was shot inside. Now, we’re putting the interiors you saw on TV in the home, which was one of the most massive projects we’ve ever done,” Jonathan reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly. “We brought back the Brady cast, who are all in there swinging sledgehammers.”

“Trying to find all these authentic [decor] items and one-of-a-kind elements was really fun too,” Drew said. “Fans have all this memorabilia from the original show and offered it up to us for free.”

Jonathan explained the significance of the home. He said, “It was mindblowing because people were just showing up on the street and taking pictures, not even knowing that we were filming, because it’s one of the most iconic homes in America.”