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Tips on How You Can Get the Best Night’s Sleep

Princess Cruise

Today is National Relaxation Day!

If you’re like most Americans – balancing family life and work or even when you’re on vacation – chances are you’re not getting the rest you need.

Best-selling author, Doctor Michael Breus, shares some findings from a new study and recommends a few practical tips on how we can get the best night’s sleep.

Breus told The Daily Buzz, “This survey was fascinating. One of the things that we learned is over half of the Americans out there are not getting the sleep they need. 3/4 of employed Americans are actually using vacation days to catch up on sleep.”

“I was really fortunate to work with Princess Cruise line. We created the Princess Luxury Bed…We can almost guarantee that you’re going to get the best sleep at sea. What we were really trying to do here is allow people to heal and recover during their vacation. That’s really what sleep is. You certainly are not going to need to have a vacation from your vacation,” the “Sleep Doctor” continued.

“My prescription for everybody out there is number one use all of your vacation days. Number two, if you’ve never tried a cruise before, if you have and you love them, give it a shot you might be surprised.”