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97 Year-Old Prince Philip ‘Shaken’ After Car Accident

Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, got into a car accident on Thursday in eastern England.

Philip overturned his Land Rover near the queen’s country estate. He walked away with no injuries, but a witness expressed that Philip was lightly bleeding.

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The other driver involved in the crash was a 28 year-old mother in a KIA.  According to local police, the mother had cuts on her knee, the 45 year-old women sitting in the passenger seat broke her wrist, and the baby was uninjured.

A retired lawyer, Roy Warne, was the first to the scene. “I asked him to move his left leg and that freed his right leg and I helped him to get out,” Warne told BBC Radio Four‘s, Today program.

“He was obviously shaken and then he went and asked if everyone else was alright,” Warne continued.

Warne said, “There was a little bit of blood and one of the royal entourage gave me a wipe to wipe my hands.”

Police are investigating the cause of the crash, and some are questioning why Philip was behind the wheel to begin with. “As is standard procedure with injury collisions, the incident will be investigated and any appropriate action taken. We are aware of the public interest in this case, however, as with any other investigation it would be inappropriate to speculate on the causes of the collision until an investigation is carried out,” the authorities said in a statement.

“Prince Philip, as we know, is a very determined headstrong individual who has wanted to retain a sense of individual freedoms right up to the age of 97 and you can understand that,” said Royal correspondent Roya Nikka. “This is also a man who served in the navy, who served in the Second World War, a man who has seen action, who has been active his whole life.

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