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Pregnant Foster Dog Who Had Maternity Photo Shoot Gives Birth

At approximately 2:10 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, Ima gave birth to her litter!

“Ima delivered eleven puppies and mom is happy and healthy” said Sarah Freeman, her foster mom, told The Daily Buzz. “She’s doing great.  It’s so exciting. Ima is cleaning her puppies right now!”

BUT WAIT! “Guess what y’all?!! We have a 12th baby!! I went to weigh them this morning and found one without a collar! ??? So that brings us to 6 boys and 6 girls! A perfect dozen!”

The majority of the puppies are dark black in color.  Sarah shared three photos exclusively with The Daily Buzz.

Credit: Sarah Freeman
Credit: Sarah Freeman
Credit: Sarah Freeman

Sarah Freeman is a volunteer with the Charlotte SPCA and decided to treat her pregnant foster pup to a very special photo shoot as she waits to find her “furever” home.

Freeman spoke with The Daily Buzz online senior editor, Marnie Williams, about her experience with Ima.

“I had a bunch of friends who are pregnant and about to give birth.  I have been attending all of these baby showers and seeing their maternity photo shoots, so I thought, why not Ima.  Let’s give her the full-mommy treatment,” said Freeman.

Credit: Sarah Freeman/Facebook

“I always like to do fun and unusual things with my fosters!  I know the world loves this type of story and it’s wonderful to be able to bring attention to fostering and the Charlotte SPCA,” said Freeman.

“This is my 62nd foster.  If I had become a ‘foster fail,’ I’d have over 62 dogs right now!”

While the pup is close to giving birth, Freeman said on her Facebook post that Ima is not in labor yet. “She is incredibly calm and SOOO pregnant,” said Freeman. Freeman went to the vet on Friday and I was told that Ima is due any time now and she is carrying at least 8 puppies. Maybe more!

It will be at least 6 weeks after Ima gives birth, due to nursing, that she will be available for adoption.

Freeman told The Daily Buzz that she had three dogs adopted just through her own personal Instagram page @houseoffosters. “Through fostering, the dogs are 100% fully vetted and we really pride ourselves on fixing their health issues and making sure the dog is safe and happy,” Freeman said.

Photo Credit: Sarah Freeman

Freeman is trying to raise money to help the mommy-to-be, who will need veterinary care, along with her pups. She organized a special “maternity photo shoot” that she posted to her social media pages, so she could get Ima’s story out to the public and raise awareness.

“She isn’t nesting and doesn’t have any contractions. I’m still keeping an eye on her but I think it’s going to be a few more days! Happy thoughts,” Freeman wrote.

Freeman said after Ima has her puppies, she’s going to need a lot of extra care. To donate to Ima you can visit and put her name in the comments.

Follow Sarah and her foster journey on her instagram page: House of Fosters


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Ima prepping for motherhood!

Credit: Sarah Freeman
Credit: Sarah Freeman