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Piglet Running Free on Highway is Saved by Nebraska Patrol Officer

Nebraska Patrol Officer

A piglet ran free along the middle of an interstate in Lincoln, Nebraska on October 5, according to Cody Thomas, Public Relations Director for the Nebraska Patrol Officer.

Trooper Frederick, from the Nebraska State Patrol, was at the right place at the right time! Nebraska Patrol Officer Trooper Frederick had to scurry around while trying to corral this little ham, but porky couldn’t get away. According to the Nebraska State Patrol, there is no official training specifically for piglet chasing, thus Trooper Frederick had to draw on all of his other training to make the catch.

In a follow-up post by the Nebraska Patrol Officer department on Facebook, “Wilber,” named by the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln is already in the process of being put up for adoption.  “Wilber” was featured on the Love What Matters Facebook page and with 7 million fans, there is no doubt that this little piggy will find a loving home.

“Since so many people have asked what happened to him, we just got an update from the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln. He’s in the process of getting ready for adoption now. If you want to adopt him (the piglet, not Trooper Frederick), give them a shout. And if you can’t get this one, they do have other piglets too.”

When your bacon needs savin’, call on the NSP! Good job Trooper Frederick.

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