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Does The Paleo Diet Have It All Wrong?

It seems that many historians and paleo diet practitioners have it wrong after all.

Earlier this week, historic bread, believed to be more than 14,000 years old, was found in Jordan near stone structures equipped with fireplaces. This took many historians by surprise since up until recently, the first evidence for bread dated back only about 9,000 years.

“So now we know that bread-like products were produced long before the development of farming,” Otaegui said, adding that the bread production could have contributed to the agricultural revolution of the Neolithic period.

Researchers suggest that the bread would have looked like a flat bread and tasted similar to today’s multi-grain bread.

The Paleo Diet suggests that if our ancestors didn’t eat it, then neither should we. Believing that many of the illnesses of today comes from the over processed foods that are throughout the isle of the super market today. This new finding definitely throws a wrench in that train of thought!

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