Olivia Newton-John On Finding Purpose In Cancer

Olivia Newton-John

Actress, author and singer Olivia Newton-John opens up to CBS This Morning Co-Host Gayle King about her ongoing battle with breast cancer, her plans to beat the odds for her diagnosis and finding a purpose in her illness, in an emotional interview.

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“Denial is really good!” Newton-John laughed. “It’s really healthy! But it was consuming my day. And after a time, I went, ‘You know what? I don’t know what my time is, but I need to enjoy my life. So, I’m going to eat a cookie if I want it. And I’m gonna have a cup of tea if I want it. And if I wanna have a little bit of wine, I’m gonna do that.’ Because the joy of life and everyday living has to be a part of that healing process as well.”

Olivia Newton-John did something she hadn’t done in over 40 years during her interview with King. During a wide-ranging profile of the 71-year-old actress and singer, the Grease star went into a dressing room and showed that she can still fit into her signature black leather pants from the classic film. After showing that they still fit, she explained to King how she got them on during the filming of the movie.

“I was a pretty skinny girl and they were the perfect fit for me except the zip was broken, so they would stitch me into them.” She admitted she tried not to drink too much water during filming to avoid having to use the bathroom.

Newton-John is auctioning off the pants, along with many other outfits from her career, to raise money for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Center in Melbourne, Australia. She is currently battling cancer for the third time, and founded the research center amid her latest fight against breast cancer.

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The English-born Australian entertainer was first diagnosed with cancer in 1992, but beat it. It came back in 2012, and she was once again able to overcome the disease. But in 2017 she found out it had metastasized and spread to her bones. Newton-John says the pain is often unbearable, and she uses marijuana to ease it.

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