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Nicolas Cage’s Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him of Abuse After Film Festival

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has been accused in a new restraining order of abusing his ex-girlfriend during a film festival in Austria.

Vickie Park claimed that Cage abused her on Sept. 20 after the Slash Film Festival in Vienna. It was reported that he was severely intoxicated during the incident. However, no details on the abuse were released.

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Park filed the restraining order against Alice Kim, Cage’s estranged wife. Park accused Kim of stalking and harassing her online and stated that she is afraid to leave her home because of how bad the situation has become.

Park claimed that she dated Cage on and off since June 2017 in the court documents.

A judge denied the request for the restraining order until a hearing takes place in October.

A source for Cage told The Blast, “Nicolas and Alice Cage categorically deny the absurd allegations listed in the filing of a temporary restraining order against Alice Cage, which was denied by the court.”

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