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Natalie Portman To Play Thor In New Marvel Movie

Natalie Portman

Last weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con panel, Marvel president, Kevin Feige, thrilled the audience when he revealed that the newest movie on the Marvel docket would feature Natalie Portman as a female Thor.

The truth is that the storyline of a female Thor is outlined in the Marvel comics. Jane Foster (Portman’s character in the ”Thor” franchise) becomes the Goddess of Thunder after taking up Thor’s hammer when he becomes unable to wield it. It all happens in “Thor Vol. 1: The Goddess of Thunder.”

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Portman posted the exciting news about her new role as female Thor on her Instagram page, writing, “So thrilled to share the news with you today at #sdcc2019 that I’ll be returning to the @marvel #mcu as female Thor with legends @taikawaititi @tessamaethompson and @chrishemsworth. Remember this as the before picture for when I get jacked”