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Music Lessons Can Lead to Mastering Skills in Life

Guitar Center

A new study at Guitar Center confirms kids who take music lessons are more likely to develop the skills they need to generally rock at life. From problem solving to prioritizing, it turns out that kids are learning way more than Mary had a Little Lamb.

For many kids, music lessons are a rite of passage, or a childhood box to be checked, right next to team sports and scouting. And whether parents are considering the value of adding one more activity to a busy schedule or are already in the middle of the practicing battles, the experts want them to know: IT’S WORTH IT.

Jeannine Davis D’Addario, SVP and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Guitar Center spoke with The Daily Buzz about this initiative.  “Guitar Center is the largest supplemental music lessons in the United States and we were beginning to hear from parents about these great skills that their kids were developing and felt there was a correlation between them learning music,” said D’Addario.  “Music was translating in different ways in life, social skills and self-esteem. Kids were starting to feel confident in wanting to play.”

Research findings, for children ages 7 to 17, include a number of positive effects for students participating in supplemental music lessons, including self-imposed limitation of screen time; increased problem-solving skills, time-management and prioritization; increased self-awareness and social skills; and more.  “We found that kids were more likely to self-monitor their screen time and started to use their time more efficiently.”