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Mira Sorvino’s Father Threatens to Kill Harvey Weinstein

Paul Sorvino seems to prefer street justice to the whole judicial thing, because he wants revenge against Harvey Weinstein in the worst way.

Sorvino was leaving Bristol Farms in WeHo Tuesday night when TMZ asked about Mira’s claims that she was blackballed by Harvey Weinstein after she rejected his sexual advances and unwanted physical contact.

Paul Sorvino said he was “furious” to find out that Hollywood heavy Harvey Weinstein derailed his daughter’s acting career because she spurned his sexual advances, and threatened, “I will kill that motherfucker.”

“He ought to hope he goes to jail, because if we come across [each other], I think he’ll be lying on the floor, somehow, magically,” Sorvino, a singer and “Goodfellas” actor, said in a TMZ video interview published Wednesday.

“Oh, yeah. That son-of-a-bi**h better hope that he goes, because if he doesn’t, he’ll have to meet me, and I will kill that ******,” Sorvino said in the TMZ interview. “It’s real simple.”

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