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MFPA Celebrates 60 years of Christmas Cards Painted by Special Artists


Mariam Paré was an art student and could have given up after she was shot in the back at the age of 20. Instead, this remarkable woman continued her love of painting, producing incredible works of art with her mouth. Today an accomplished artist, Paré is one of almost 70 American painters who paint with their mouth or foot.

California artist Alana Ciena Tillman was born with Arthrogryposis in 1983. Tillman was born without the use of her arms and hands. So, as a child, she had to learn to draw and paint by mouth. Now a successful artist, she is passionate about her painting and wants to be judged by the quality of her work, rather than the way she creates it.  “I am a twin, however my twin was not affected physically. I have been painting since I was 5 years old and haven’t stopped since!”

Both of these artists are members of  The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA), an organization created and controlled by artists who hold the paint brush with their mouth or foot. This year, the MFPA celebrates its 60th Anniversary and has now grown to more than 800 painters from around 80 countries around the world.

They make their livelihoods mainly through the sales of Christmas greetings cards, reproduced from their unique, original paintings. You can see all the cards and other items available for the 2017 holiday season at

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