Meghan McCain’s Husband Blasts Seth Meyers After Tense Interview

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain appeared in a tense interview with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night, and her husband Ben Domenech apologized for “rage tweeting” against the late-night host.

The conversation on Late Night With Seth Meyers got heated when Meyers suggested it was “dangerous” for The View host to repeatedly condemn comments from Rep. Ilhan Omar that were considered anti-Semitic. Meyers argued that because Omar had already “unequivocally apologized” for the comments that McCain should take a break from criticizing her.

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McCain told Meyers that she stood by “every single thing” she’s said about Omar, including her comments on This Week With George Stephanopoulos on Sunday. “If that makes me unpopular in this room or in front of you, so be it,” she said.

But Meyers pushed back, saying that Omar’s perspective is worth listening to. “Is there a way for people to talk about differences in Israeli policy without getting framed as anti-Semitic language?” he asked. Soon after, he again said he believes it’s “unfair” for McCain to keep bringing up Omar’s tweets.

“Are you her publicist? Are you her press person?” McCain asked.

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After the appearance, McCain’s husband and political commentator Ben Domenech railed against Meyers in a series of since-deleted tweets.

“I see that @sethmeyers, the untalented piece of s— who only has his job because he regularly gargled Lorne Michaels’ balls, went after my wife tonight with his idiotic anti-Semitic bullshit,” he wrote.

“Seth is an awful person who is known within the industry for how terrible he is,” he continued. “He is a monumental asshole who is utterly unfunny. He deserves the mockery he receives from all the people who laugh at him.”

“Here is proof that white men get ahead despite their obvious lack of talent: it’s @sethmeyers, who would beg for a third of the viewers at @TheView. He’s awful, untalented, and a perfect definition of a cuck,” he added.

After deleting those tweets, Domenech apologized for “rage tweeting.” McCain hasn’t addressed the interview or her husband’s tweets, aside from thanking conservative writer Seth Mandel for calling her an ally.

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