Mario Lopez Hospitalized, Has Undergone Surgery

Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez has revealed that he has undergone surgery after he tore his bicep while sparring injuring himself ahead of the Emmys for the second year in a row.

Taking to Instagram, the 45-year-old wrote: ‘Evidently, I’m not 25yrs old anymore… Tore my biceps sparring. Might have to take it down a notch.

‘Surgery was a success. Thank you Dr. Itamura!’

After going in for surgery, Lopez gave fans another update on his health, revealing that he “made it” and giving a shoutout to the medical staff caring for him.

“[WCW] Nurse Lopez,” he captioned a gallery that included a photo and a video of him in his hospital bed. “And shout out to the other wonderful ladies who are taking care of me in recovery!”

“I made it. I’m groggy as hell, but I made it,” he said in the clip. “I’ve got an Incredible Hulk hand, and they gave me some good painkillers, so I’ll be ready to go in like three days on the Emmys red carpet. I’m gonna ride a bike in like two days, I think. My wife took care of me though, she rocks. Love you honey.”

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