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Plan a Magical Getaway to Recharge This Summer in Sonoma County

Sonoma County

How long has it been since you’ve stretched your arms around a Redwood or watched the summer sun dip below a vineyard? Have you thought about taking a cheese-making class or listened to live music while having a wine picnic?

Spend a long, leisurely weekend tasting your way through some of Sonoma County’s more than 425 wineries and 500-plus eateries that include Michelin-starred and Zagat-rated restaurants.

Breweries, farms, and farmers’ markets all make Sonoma County a farm-to-table paradise. You don’t need a reason to escape to Sonoma County. It’s an easy drive or flight, there’s no shortage of things to see and do, and wow…those views. With a backdrop as diverse and majestic as Sonoma County, the unlimited experiences here will take your breath away.

Travelers are empowered to make a positive impact to the local community and the environment when visiting Sonoma County. Now, experiencing Sonoma County — where life opens up — gives travelers an opportunity to make a difference. They will be able to access exclusive rates and special perks by booking directly with Kind Traveler and its curated list of “Kind Hotels.” A $10-a-night donation will go to a designated local charity that positively impacts the visiting destination.

Biggi Vaughan from Sonoma County Tourism shares some can’t miss offerings in Sonoma County this summer. “We have numerous festivals going on, and there is of course always food and great beverages. Not only wine but a lot of beer and cider is included,” Vaughan told The Daily Buzz.

“You will be surprised that we have over 66 varieties of winegrapes growing here in Sonoma County. You can also visit over 425 wineries. Don’t be intimidated, just go up to a tasting room or the winery itself, and people are so happy to help you. If you’ve never tried any wine before, you will be surprised how different the wines really taste,” Vaughan continued.

A wine weekend where everyone wins? Yes, please!

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