Luke Bryan Talks About Touring With His New ‘Blended Family’

Luke Bryan

Country singer Luke Bryan has a lot on his plate! If he isn’t singing or judging on American Idol, he is taking care of his new “blended family.” He and his wife share two sons together, Thomas and Tatum, but now his family has grown. After a devastating loss involving Bryan’s sister and brother-in-law in 2007 and 2014, he and his wife took in his nieces and nephew Til, Jordan, and Kris. The American Idol judge gets candid about the struggles of being a blended family, especially when he is on the road. “The only way to feel like you’re home is to have your family around, you know, the people that you love,” Luke commented. “The toughest part of going on the road is being away from [my family]. So when I can get my wife and my boys and nieces and nephew with me. . . that’s home.”

He tells Countryliving.com about how it may be crowded now when touring, but it is all worth it. The 43 year old goes to say, “That’s the best feeling in the world because I get to do what I love and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.”

Luke Bryan is headed back on tour on May 28th, while launching his own brand of beer, Two Lane American Golden Lager coming out next month.

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