Loud Fart Helps Police Sniff Out Suspect’s Hiding Spot, Leads to Arrest

Loud Fart

Missouri law enforcement was able to “sniff out” the location of a person wanted for possession of a controlled substance over the weekend after the suspect passed gas so loudly that it gave up his or her hiding spot, officials said.

The Clay County Sherriff’s Department posted on Facebook to share how flatulence played a role in the arrest outside the City of Liberty, Mo.

If you’ve got a felony warrant for your arrest, the cops are looking for you and you pass gas so loud it gives up your hiding spot, you’re definitely having a 💩 day. 🚓 #ItHappened

Posted by Clay County, Missouri Sheriff on Tuesday, July 9, 2019

According to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, over the weekend, Liberty police were searching for a person who a felony warrant for arrest. The person was wanted for possession of a controlled substance.

The suspect hid to avoid police, but apparently let out a loud fart, it gave up their hiding spot.

“We’ve gotta give props to Liberty PD for using their senses to sniff him out!” read a Facebook comment from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.