Is Little Debbie Getting Rid Of One Of These Classic Snack Cakes?

Popular snack cake company Little Debbie has the internet reeling with a question posed to customers on Wednesday – which one of their snacks can you live without?

The snack food company posted a cryptic message on their Twitter, an image featuring four of its popular treats with the message “ONE GOTTA GO FOREVER” with the question “Which one?”

The four iconic Little Debbie treats currently on the chopping block:

Nutty Buddy: Chocolate-covered wafers with peanut butter.

Honey Buns: An iconic cinnamon roll-type pastry covered in a sweet gooey glaze.

Oatmeal Creme Pies: The company’s first snack cake – A yummy creme center surrounded by two molasses and oat cookies.

Christmas Tree Cakes: These seasonal tree-shaped yellow cakes are filled with creme and decorated with white frosting, green sprinkles and a red garland of yummy frosting.

The snack cake company seemed to confirm our greatest fears on Thursday with their follow up message on Twitter: “We didn’t say it would be easy. #OneGottaGo.”

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