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Leading Pediatrician Advises New Parents During Shelter In Place


COVID-19 changed the way we live, literally, overnight. As many people settle into this new normal, things like routine doctor visits are being postponed, or even canceled. But, pediatricians across the country urge new parents not to skip out on important well-baby visits. New moms are understandably concerned about what to do after delivery. Leading pediatrician and author Dr. Tanya Altmann shares her insights with The Daily Buzz and gives new moms tips to keep their newborn healthy.

Of course, be sure to take baby to see the pediatrician within the recommended 3 to 5 days after delivery. And, when you’re home, Dr. Altmann’s first tip is to feed your baby “on demand”. That means, instead of sticking to feeding schedules, follow your newborns cues, such as rooting, licking lips, puckering or putting their hands over their mouths. As for what supplies to have and what everyone in the household can do to help form a protective shield around the newborn, Dr. Altmann gave us a “Bring Home Baby Checklist” (beyond the obvious formula, diapers and baby wipes):

• Rectal thermometer, the gold standard for taking a baby’s temperature
• Infant acetaminophen or Tylenol, in case pediatrician advises a specific dose for pain or fever
• Vitamin D supplement to help build strong bones
• Infant probiotic to reduce bad gut bacteria

Dr. Altmann acknowledges that tummy troubles are a common condition newborns often experience. Fortunately, she says, moms can help set a foundation for good health. She advises giving newborns a baby probiotic that contains B. infantis EVC001 to get rid of bad bacteria that may be lurking in your baby’s stomach. Evivo, is the only infant probiotic that contains the B. infantis, it is shown to reduce bad bacteria by 80%.

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