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Kim Kardashian Angers Fans with Her Reaction to Being Called “Anorexic”

Kim Kardashian has been looking great, like always, but some of her remarks towards her petite figure left her fans angered.

But why? Kim seemed overjoyed when her sisters told her that she looks “really skinny” and “anorexic” however, her fans were not here for it.

The reality star shared numerous videos on her Instagram Story from the City of Hope charity poker event that she attended with Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner on Sunday night.

Concerned Kendall jokingly told Kim, “I don’t think you’re eating like you look so skinny.”

“Oh my god the compliments!” Kim replied.

“She’s anorexic here, her arms are like pin thin,” Khloé said, “they’re like my pinky.”

However, Kim’s fans were not happy with the language the sisters were using, and how they were celebrating being skinny.

Kim hasn’t responded, nor addressed the issue.